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The Loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta) in Kefalonia Besides the beautiful sandy beaches with the crystal clear deep waters and landscapes that will leave you breathless, there is another reason to visit Kefalonia , especially if you are a nature lover If you prefer a shorter walk, just follow the main road instead (approx. 2 km from Lassi). When in the harbor I'd recommend you to start the morning with a coffee (try a freddo cappuccino/espresso) and a spinach pie in one of the bakeries and wait for the beautiful Caretta caretta turtles to appear In de video ziet u de jaarlijkse healthcheck van de schildpadden op Kefalonia. Ze meten de schilden op, de schilden hebben bij een volwassen schildpad een gemiddelde lengte van wel 90 cm! Ook. Villa Caretta is an impressive, spacious and modern villa, with magnificent views over both Mounda beach and Katelios bay, set on the gentle, wooded slopes of the hillside above the community of Ratzakli on Kefalonia Loggerhead turtles (Caretta Caretta) The capital, Argostoli, is situated in the south-west of the island and has a population of 14,000. It is the main port and has many interesting features and activities to offer, including Vallianou Square with its many excellent restaurants, boutiques, archaeological museum, cathedral, theatre and sports ground

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Rent a boat to to see the beauty of the famous careta-careta turtle and get the chance to photo this wonderful creature and its natural habitat. You can choose between electric or pedal boat, which are provided with music.A unique chance to visit and explore Koutavos Lagoon in Argostoli żółwie caretta caretta w stolicy Kefalonii Argostoli w porcie przy kutrach rybackich są tam cały czas ,rybacy karmią je resztkami z ryb .Wielkość żółwi ok.1 metr Large sea turtles Caretta Caretta have chosen Kefalonia and the neighboring island of Zakynthos. It seems that tourists do not embarrass these very friendly inhabitants of the Ionian Sea . They are not only happy to pose for visitors of the island at the waterfront of Argostoli , but without much embarrassment arrange egg-laying at night right on the crowded beaches like Lourdas Wildlife Sense Kefalonia. The sea turtles of Kefalonia belong to the loggerhead ( Caretta caretta) species. During the summer months, female turtles crawl up to the back of beaches along the south coast of Kefalonia, lay their eggs, and then cover them with sand. The eggs then utilize the warmth of the sand to incubate. Seven.. To sum up, if you want peace and quiet, a beautiful place to stay with Kefalonia's sandiest beach on the doorstep, in a lovely garden setting, then Caretta's Nest is definitely for you. Date of stay: September 201

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CARETTA - CARETTA The Loggerhead Sea Turtle, Caretta-caretta the only marine turtle nesting in Greece and the Mediterranean. Zakynthos is has the largest hatchery left in the Mediterranean where about 2,000 nests are laid annually. Kefalonia has a smaller population, with less than 150 nests between Skala and Lixouri Caretta car rental company will not charge any deposit in your credit card. Our competitive prices, reliability, and our customer support combined with our friendly staff, are only a few of the characteristics of our family business that help lead to strong relationships and the return of customers every year

Caretta caretta is an endangered species that nest extensively , in Kefalonia (Kaminia, and Skala beaches), in Zakynthos island, in western peloponnese, and in Crete. The Caretta Caretta breeding season overlaps with the European high tourist season as the turtles approach the beaches to lay eggs between May and August Sea Turtles in Kefalonia, Greece The Loggerhead sea turtle, Caretta caretta nests on most of the southern sandy beaches of Kefalonia. Many of these beaches have been untouched by human development until recently, and therefore offered turtles a safe place to nest, secluded from the outside world This short cruise starts from the port of Agios Sostis in Laganas.We visit the island of Marathonisi with the gorgeous beaches and the crystal water. Marathonisi is the island where the famous sea turtles Caretta Caretta go to lay their eggs in the sand Greek fishing boat in the turquoise waters of the Kefalonia and Ionian Sea ? Meet dolphins and the caretta caretta sea turtle from a near distance? We aim to start early in the morning, around 08:00 a.m., from the port of Agia Pelagia in Svoronata ( it may be possible if required to collect passengers from other ports)

Caretta caretta turtles do not have the speed and agility to catch fast-moving prey. For most they feed on slow moving or sedentary animals such as crustaceans, jellyfish, molluscs, sea urchins, crabs, sponges and sea grasses A Taste of Capital. If you are lucky you even spot swimming in the harbor the famous Caretta Caretta turtle. Argostoli is the capital of Kefalonia since 1757. loggerhead turtles Sea turtles date back to the time of dinosaurs, evolving into something resembling their present features around 60,000,000 years ago. Two species inhabit the seas around Greece, the Loggerhead turtle ( Caretta caretta ), so named due to its large head, and the Green turtle ( Chelonia mydas ), named after its distinctive. Since 2000, the program of the Katelios Association under the title Kefalonia Conservation Project of Caretta caretta Marine Turtles is being carried out in cooperation with ARCHELONA

Caretta - Caretta. Mounda beach, or otherwise Kaminia beach, is universally considered one of the official breeding grounds of the sea turtle Caretta - Caretta. During the month of June, our guests, respecting nature, are able to watch mother turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs on the beach and return to the sea Caretta's Nest is made up of three blocks comprising four one-bedroom and a couple of two bedroom apartments. Built on the side of a hill, these traditional Kefalonian-style properties have plenty of outside space for relaxation among the gardens that frame the large outdoor pool

Sea Turtles in Kefalonia, Greece. The Loggerhead sea turtle, Caretta caretta nests on most of the southern sandy beaches of Kefalonia. Many of these beaches have been untouched by human development until recently, and therefore offered turtles a safe place to nest, secluded from the outside world Sea turtles in Greece Of the 7 species in the world, only 3 are found regularly in the Mediterranean (Caretta caretta, Chelonia mydas and Dermochelys coriacea). Of these 3 species only loggerhead is nesting in Greece Álcserepes teknős (Caretta Caretta) Figyelned kell a napernyők leszúrásával, vagy a gyerekek által emelt homokvárakkal, ugyanis ezek mind megsérthetik a fészkek épségét, vagy nagyon megnehezíthetik a kis teknősök eljutását a tengerhez Caretta's Nest. The Caretta's Nest apartments are a real find, located in one of the lesser-known corners of Kefalonia and overlooking Kaminia Beach - home to nesting sea turtles. Caretta's Nest is made up of three blocks comprising of four one-bedroom and a couple of two- bedroom apartments. And the insides are just as elegant as their whitewashed exteriors

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  2. Many beaches in Kefalonia are protected during caretta caretta reproduction period. This is because the female caretta-caretta turtles drag themselves out of the sea at night and bury their eggs in the sand to hatch
  3. This is a fine sandy beach and is the place in Kafalonia island chosen by the Loggerhead turtles Caretta-Caretta for their reproduction. Skala tourist village is surrounded by a perfect examples of the picturesque countryside in Kefalonia with small properties cultivated with olive trees, small vineyards, free goats and sheep and hundreds..
  4. The largest of the Ionian Islands, Kefalonia boasts beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear sea and a wide variety of colorful landscapes, picturesque villages and a prosperous nature rich in caves, geological phenomena and unique marine species like the sea turtle caretta-caretta and the monk seal
  5. Caretta's Nest: An Oasis Caretta's Nest. - See 37 traveller reviews, 32 candid photos, and great deals for Caretta's Nest at TripAdvisor. An Oasis Caretta's Nest
  6. utes we reach cape Skinari with the homonymous light house, visible from Kefalonia at night. This is the closest point with Kefalonia (katelios 8 nM distance)
  7. Work up an appetite snorkelling or diving at Agia Efimia - you may even spot some loggerhead sea turtles, Caretta caretta! Then, sample island's fresh seafood, local feta cheese, honey or delicious white wine. Meal(s): Breakfast Day 9 Kefalonia - Athens Transfer to airport for your local flight back to Athens

# kefalonia # grecja # caretta # hotel # aquapark # zjezdzalnie # parkwodny # hotelrodzinny # biuropodrozy # traveliada @ Caretta Paradise +6 added a new photo — at Caretta Paradise Nowadays, strolling along the port and the pedestrian De Bosset bridge, you can easily spot giant hawksbill turtles (Caretta caretta) languidly and gently spinning so close to the shore that you can almost touch them. The whole town at sunset has a certain charm of its own. A friendly local, port of Argostoli. The island is large and mountainous A similar experience is the excursion at the Keri Caves where - if you΄re lucky - you might get to see some Caretta- Caretta Turtles! This is the perfect spot for scuba diving! This is the perfect spot for scuba diving

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The sea and coast around Zakynthos were picked for Greece's first marine park. This is where the rare caretta caretta sea turtles lay their eggs. In spring these endangered creatures set off for Zante from the Libyan Sea and the southern Adriatic, not because they like the swim but because nature tells them to lay their eggs in the sands of. Zakynthos - Ionian Islands (Greece) Zakynthos. Zakynthos, what a lovely island! Its green nature, the beautiful clear blue sea with steep rock formations, the amazing sandy beaches, the old villages, the Blue Caves, the ship wreck, the impressive Caretta-Caretta sea turtles KEFALONIA CARETTA - CARETTA MONACHUS MONACHUS. THE MEDITERRANEAN MONK SEAL In 1984 the monk seal Monachus monachus, was identified as one of the twelve most endangered animals in the world. Less than 500 are thought to remain Skala is the southernmost village of Kefalonia and is one of the busiest tourist resorts. What makes this village so famous, apart from the many hotels and restaurants with fresh fish, is the beautiful long beach, which is estimated to be more than 5km in length

Kefalonia is an island full of natural wonders surrounded by the emerald waters of the Ionian Sea. Caretta-caretta turtles that welcome the tourists in Argostoli. What makes Munda special though is that it is one of the places of Kefalonia preferred by the sea turtle Caretta-Caretta to lay its eggs. Special markings on the sand warn the swimmers to be cautious, especially while in the appropriate times, the more fortunate have the opportunity to see the eggs in the sand or small turtles running in water

Argostoli is a modern town laid out in a grid-pattern and easy to figure out with a year round population of over 10,000 people, there are shops, restaurants, cafes and an active harbor with fishing boats and the main tourist attraction, the caretta-caretta turtles who feed at the nearby Koutavos Lagoon as well as from the fishermen who toss. The Caretta-caretta newborns are approximately 5 cm long. (Kefalonia, Lefkada and Corfu), Zakynthos is an incredibly affordable Greek island. At least it was. The Island of Kefalonia The island of Kefalonia is one of the seven Ionian islands which lie to the west of mainland Greece. As in the rest of Greece, the only species of sea turtle to nest on Kefalonia is the loggerhead Caretta caretta Argostoli Harbour: Sea turtles in Argostoli harbour, Kefalonia - See 228 traveller reviews, Caretta caretta turtle. They swim very close to the shore, so you will.

Caretta caretta caretta med utbredning i Atlanten och Medelhavet från södra Italien över de grekiska öarna Zakynthos, Kefalonia och Kreta, längs Peloponnesos kust till sydvästra Turkiet Caretta caretta gigas med utbredning i Indiska oceanen och Stilla have The caretta-caretta sea turtles in Greece There are 7 species of sea turtles: caretta-caretta, the green sea turtle, the leatherback sea turtle and others The villa is a 15-minute walk from Kaminia Beach. The 4-bedroom villa features a living room with a TV a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom with shower. Guests can relax in the garden at the property. Mounda Beach is 1.8 km from Villa Caretta. The nearest airport is Kefalonia Airport 24 km from the property

A coastline of 254 kilometres gives Kefalonia some of the best beaches in Greece. From the spectacular Myrtos Beach, one of the most photographed beaches in the world to Kaminia Beach where the Caretta-caretta turtles come every year to make their nests and lay their eggs and Xi Beach, on the Pali Peninsular, the only red sand beach on the island You can check the Carettas Nest availability and package prices at Thomson Holidays. As Kefalonia specialists Thomson frequently have the best holiday / flight availability around the island. Kefalonia is a beautiful island and is worth exploring by car if you can Pictures from the south coastline of Kefalonia. The South Coast Ammes to Cape Mounda. Over 50 sandy beaches, many of them non accessible by roa

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  1. Laganas Beach is protected by the Greek and international legislation as a birthplace of the endangered species of sea turtle Caretta-Caretta and is part of the Greek National Marine Park. The little pine-clad islet of Agios Sostis, located opposite the beach of Laganas, can be reached by a lovely wooden bridge
  2. The Nefis Travel Zakynthos turtle spotting boat trip Eco friendly turtle spotting tour is a unique turtle spotting excursion and way to see the Caretta Caretta loggerhead turtles and to swim and snorkel in the most extraordinary turquoise waters around Turtle Island and the Keri Caves
  3. With the bars, shops and restaurants a short walk away, while the beach is a stone's throw from the hotel, Caretta Beach is in a great location
  4. In most parts of the world, the weight of the adult Caretta Caretta can range from 113- 140 kilos. The average weight of the Greek turtle, however, is significantly lighter. Kefalonia's beaches are home to a great number of nesting grounds

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The property is near Skala village, which counts with a vibrant nightlife and plenty of dining and entertainment options. At the nearby Potamakia beach, visitors might discover the caretta-caretta turtles that lay eggs in the sand • ALL PRICES ARE IN EURO CARETTA CARETTA. Admire closely the miracle of life. GREEK CUISINE. Kefalonia 28086, Eptanisa, Greece

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  1. Marathonisi Island by boat This is a protected marine park where the Caretta-Caretta turtle is found. The lush green of the island, its stunning rock formations, caves and beaches are well worth visiting
  2. Argostoli (Greek: Αργοστόλι, Katharevousa: Ἀργοστόλιον) is a town and a former municipality on the island of Kefalonia, Ionian Islands, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Kefalonia , of which it is a municipal unit. [2
  3. CrystalgraphicsImages Home > Image of Loggerhead Sea Turtle in Cephalonia Kefalonia Greece. Image of loggerhead sea turtle (caretta caretta), also known as
  4. Located in Ratzaklíon, Villa Caretta has accommodations with a private pool, free WiFi and private parking. This property has a terrace. The 4-bedroom villa features a living room with a TV, a fully equipped kitchen, and a bathroom with shower

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Book online at Caretta Beach Villa Skala Kefalonia, Cefalonia Island, Greece, litoral 2019, Book offers, holidays and packages , oferte No transport. About Skala Kefalonia The small fishing village of Skala sits on the southern tip of Kefalonia near Mounda bay The Lagana Bay, nesting place of the Caretta - Caretta turtle and a national park since 1999, is one of the most famous spots in Zakynthos, while the its beach and its three islands (Marathonissi, Agios Sostis, Peluzo) make an unforgettable scenery Find the perfect loggerhead turtle greece stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy now

Within 300m of the rooms is the beautiful sandy beach of Kaminia, a habitat for the sea turtle Caretta-Caretta. Why you'll love this Apartment Newly built studios, providing comfortable accommodation for families and couple -Beaches known for the appearance of Caretta-Caretta. We had a week trip around Kefalonia and Zante. Definitely recommended. Dimitris. Latest news / blog Kalimera Caretta Caretta Turtle See more of Zakynthos on Facebook. Log I

Tourism facilities are plenty in Zakynthos, offering visitors the kind of comfort and luxury they need in holidays. Zakynthos has not only busy but also calm beaches. These beaches are chosen by a rare species, the Mediterranean sea turtle Caretta-Caretta, to lay their eggs on the soft sand Big Houses Hot Deal. Book Now, Pay Later & Save Money

Large sea turtles Caretta Caretta have chosen Kefalonia and the neighboring island of Zakynthos. It seems that tourists do not embarrass these very friendly inhabitants of the Ionian Sea About Caretta Beach Villa, Skala Kefalonia - presentation of hotel, facilities and services offered. SITUACIÓN:El Caretta Beach Holiday Village es un moderno hotel familiar situado en el complejo turístico Kalamaki, en la costa sur de Zakynthos, la isla más hermosa del mar Jónico Compare hotel prices and find an amazing holiday deal for the Caretta's Nest in Skala, Greece. Read 38 real user reviews and learn about hotel ammenities The Island of Kefalonia. The island of Kefalonia is one of the seven Ionian islands which lie to the west of mainland Greece. As in the rest of Greece, the only species of sea turtle to nest on Kefalonia is the loggerhead Caretta caretta. The main nesting beach is Mounda, situated on the southwestern most tip of the island Search Can Stock Photo for stock photography, photos, digital illustrations, picture clip art and royalty-free photograph images. Can Stock Photo has the stock image, royalty free photo, stock photograph, graphic or picture that you need

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A day at these beaches will make you keep your mind of all the fuss and mess of everyday life. And if you want to take some action, then don't miss diving or snorkeling, you might meet the rare sea turtle, Caretta caretta. The locals of Kefalonia are famous because of their sense humour and their bright energy the share along Two dead sea turtles in Lassi On Monday morning we were came upon the sad sight of two loggerhead sea turtles ( Caretta caretta) stranded dead on the beach of Paliostafida of Lassi, Kefalonia. A local resident informed us about one of the turtles on the beach of Paiostafida History, agriculture, tourism. The beach of Mounda, on the east of the bay and at a short distance from Katelios is a nesting area for the Loggerhead turtles ( Caretta caretta ). Sea turtle nests in this area have been monitored and protected since 1988, while an environmental station operates at the town's old school Kefalonia. You might even get the chance to encounter the rare, caretta caretta, sea turtle that take refuge here, as well as the monk seals monachus monachus. Kefalonia's culinary tradition, history, traditional villages, upbeat nightlife and pristine beaches will make you fall in love with the island

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The seas around Kefalonia are a haven for the caretta-caretta turtle and the rare monk seal. Aquatic World Diving School, Agia Efimia Owners are Kyriaos Papasotiriou and Gerasimos Sotirooulos The bay of Argostoli in Kefalonia, Greece, hosts a resident population of loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) Volunteer at KATELIOS GROUP FOR THE RESEARCH AND PROTECTION OF THE MARINE AND TERRESTRIAL LIFE through GivingWay. The Katelios Group is a local non-p... The Katelios Group is a local non-profit environmental group that has been established in Kefalonia island (GREECE) since 1993 The Shipwreck Beach, one of the most famous beaches in the world and beaches such as Daphni, Kalamaki, Gerakas the nesting place of the endangered Caretta- Caretta sea turtle species are only some of the attractions this island has to offer Situated in Ratzaklíon, Villa Caretta features accommodation with a private pool, free WiFi and private parking. The villa is 1.8 km from Kaminia Beach

Kefalonia. It is known since 1983 that the loggerhead sea turtles breed on the island of Kefalonia. Anatoli - Caretta caretta. Unknown. Arrival: 28-02-2019. Download this stock image: Loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) in Argostoli Bay, Kefalonia, Greece. - J754D0 from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors To the east of Argostoli, at the end of the bay, beneath the aforementioned Castle of St. George, sits the Koutavos Lagoon, a feeding ground for the Caretta Caretta turtles. During the summer of 2017 the brand new central square was inaugurated and has plenty of things to keep everyone entertained