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Imperata cylindrica is a tufted, perennial grass up to 1.5 m tall. It is a prolific seed-producer and also reproduces vegetately via hard, creeping rhizomes. Found on all continents, it is known as one of the ten worst world weeds, affecting many crops, particularly in southern and eastern Asia Common Name: Japanese blood grass Imperata cylindrica, commonly known as cogongrass, is now considered to be one of the ten worst weeds in the world. It is native. Common Name: Cogongrass. Imperata cylindrica is a perennial grass growing around 120cm tall and forming extensive clumps by means of its aggressively spreading.

Imperata cylindrica Red Baron Common name(s): Japanese Bloodgrass, Blady Grass Synonyme(s): N/A Family: Poaceae Origin: none, Red Baron is a cultivar. Imperata cylindrica is native to South Eastern Asia and Africa Imperata cylindrica 'Red Baron' Common Name: Japanese Blood Grass, Cogon Grass, Ornamental Grass As the season progresses, the foliage becomes more and more red, glowing nearly all-red in the fall Imperata cylindrica (L.) P. Beauv. Common names are from state and federal lists. Agronomy Journal-Integrated Management of Cogongrass in Corn (IMCY

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  1. Comment: Tropicos (2010) reports that Imperata cylindrica (L.) P. Beauv. is invalid, as it is an isonym of Imperata cylindrica (L.) Raeusch
  2. A red-leaved variety of this species is considered non-invasive and is sold under a number of names: Red Baron Japanese blood grass, Imperata cylindrica 'Red Baron', Imperata cylindrica 'Rubra', Imperata cylindrica var. rubra, Imperata cylindrica var. koenigii
  3. Plant Finder; Lawn, Landscape & Garden Design Common Name: Japanese blood grass Imperata cylindrica is Federally listed for a good reason
  4. Native to Asia, cogon grass (Imperata cylindrica) is common in the humid tropics and has spread to the warmer temperate zones worldwide. Cogon grass is considered to be one of the top ten worst weeds in the world

Other English Common Names: Cogongrass Other Common Names: cogongrass Imperata cylindrica alters ecosystem processes, community structure, and community. Imperata cylindrica is a PERENNIAL growing to 1.2 m (4ft) by 0.6 m (2ft in) at a slow rate. Common Name: Cogongrass, Japanese Blood Grass: Latin Name Common Name Latin name: Imperata cylindrica Synonyms: Imperata arundinacea, Miscanthus arundinacea Family: Gramineae (Grass Family) Medicinal use of Cogongrass: The flowers and the roots are antibacterial, diuretic, febrifuge, sialagogue, styptic and tonic. The flowers are used in the treatment of haemorrhages, wounds etc

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  1. Cogongrass Imperata cylindrica (L.) Palisot COMMON NAMES: cogongrass, blady grass, santintail, alang-alang, kunai, paillotte NATIVE RANGE: Southeast Asia, Philippines, China, and Japan DESCRIPTION: Cogongrass is a perennial, rhizomatous grass (Poaceae) that grows approximately 2 to over 4 feet in height. The leaves are about an inch wide, have
  2. Kogon, Imperata cylindrica: Philippine Herbal Medicine Un-Abbreviated Dialect Sources of Common and Local Names . Plant Names. List of Philippine Medicinal Plants.
  3. Imperata cylindrica, or alang-alang, is regarded as a very serious weed in tropical countries. It spreads by scaly rhizomes and can invade and over-run any disturbed ecosystem, including cultivated fields
  4. Imperata cylindrica rubra Common Name(s): Japanese blood grass Cultivar(s): Red Baron Category: Groundcover Comment: Perennial; Red Baron is a cultivar. Japanese Bloodgrass is a variety of cogongrass which has been designated as one of the 10 worst weeds in the world

Cogongrass has several common names, including japgrass, Japanese bloodgrass, Red Baron, or speargrass but its scientific name is Imperata cylindrica (L.) Beauv. (Incl. I. brasiliensis Trin.). This grassy weed spreads by seed and vegetatively Plant profile of Imperata cylindrica 'Rubra' on Also known as 'Red Baron', Imperata cylindrica 'Rubra' bears brilliant red spikes that fade to bright green at the base and become transluscent with age

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  1. Imperata cylindrica 'Red Baron' Facts. Family Name: Poaceae Common Name: Japanese blood grass Common Name: Imperata cylindrica 'Red Baron' Zone: Zone 6: (-23 to -18 C).
  2. Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients in Imperata Cylindrica. List of various diseases cured by Imperata Cylindrica. How Imperata Cylindrica is effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format. Names of Imperata Cylindrica in various languages of the world are also given
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Imperata cylindrica var. major, the variety in North America, commonly occupies a wide variety of habitats in Asia including grasslands, deforested areas, old fields, cultivated fields, riparian areas, and disturbed sites such as roadsides Plant. Aggressive, colony-forming dense perennial grass 1 to 6 feet (30 to 150 cm) in height, often leaning in mats when over 3 feet (90 cm) in height Imperata cylindrica (L.) P.Beauv. APNI* Synonyms: Imperata cylindrica var. major (Nees) C.E.Hubb. APNI* Description: Rhizomatous perennial producing tufts to 1.2 m high; rhizomes elongate, branched, tough, scaly, sometimes with tuber-like swellings on the lower roots Syntype of Imperata cylindrica (L.) P.Beauv. var. parviflora Batt. et Trabut [family POACEAE] Imperata cylindrica (L.) Raeusch. Syntype of Saccharum alopecuros Nees [family GRAMINEAE

Cogongrass has several common names, including japgrass, Japanese bloodgrass, Red Baron, or speargrass but its scientific name is Imperata cylindrica (L.) Beauv. (Incl. I. brasiliensis Trin.). This grassy weed spreads by seed and vege-tatively Imperata cylindrica, commonly known as cogon grass /koʊˈɡoʊn/, kunai grass /ˈkuːnaɪ/, or blady grass is a species of grass in the genus Imperata. It is placed in the subfamily Panicoideae, supertribe Andropogonodae, tribe Andropogoneae. Red cultivars of the species grown as ornamental plants are known as Japanese bloodgrass Imperata cylindrica (L.) Raeusch. Details; Images (33) Synonyms (93) Accepted Names (1) Common Names: bai mao No References available Cogon grass (English, United. imperata brasiliensis, i. cylindrica introductory distribution and occurrence botanical and ecological characteristics fire ecology fire effects fire case studies management considerations references introductory authorship and citation feis abbreviation synonyms nrcs plant code common names taxonomy life form federal legal status other status. Imperata cylindrica 'Rubra' Common name: Japanese blood grass. Family: Poaceae. Zone: 4-9. Identifying characteristics: Loose clumps of flat green leaves with red tips. Seldom flowers. Culture and use notes: Groundcover, mixed beds or borders. Prefers sun and well drained soil. Spreads by underground runners

The lovely plant in the picture is Imperata cylindrica 'Rubra' - a perennial grass with beautifully colored and textured blades.Commonly known as Japanese Bloodgrass, this ornamental grass is an excellent choice for creating dramatic effects in any garden Taxonomy: Scientific and Common Names for This Species. Cyperales > Poaceae > Imperata cylindrica (L.) Beauv. Synonym(s): cogon grass, alang-alang. Imperata cylindrica - USDA PLANTS Profile. Distribution Maps. cogongrass - The reported distribution of this invasive species across the United States (Source: Invasive Plant Atlas of the United States Imperata cylindrica . COMMON NAME: Cogongrass, Bloodroot Grass, Brazilian Satintail. Click or hover over the thumbnails to see larger pictures Blady grass - Imperata cylindrica - information and photos Common name. blady grass. Scientific name. Imperata cylindrica. Kingdom. plants. Class

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imperata cylindrica (L.) Raeuschel Poaceae (Gramineae)/Grass Family Common Name: Cogon grass Synonymy: Imperata cylindrica (L.) Beauv.; I. brasiliensis Trinius misapplied Origin: Southeast Asia Botanical Description: Perennial grass, growing in loose or compact tufts, from stout, extensively creeping, scaly rhizomes with sharp-pointed tips Imperata cylindrica (L.) Beauv. Family - Poaceae. Common Names - alang-alang, blady grass, cogon grass, imperata, Japanese blood grass, satintail Other common names cogon grass 'Rubra' Japanese blood grass . Synonyms Imperata cylindrica 'Red Baron' Imperata 'Red Baron R.Brown, Prodromus (204 as Imperata arundinacea ), [1878] G.Bentham, Flora Australiensis 7 (536 as Imperata arundinacea ), [1952] C.A.Gardner, Flora of Western Australia 1 Graminea Imperata cylindrica is best identified in the spring by the large fuzzy panicle of flowers and seeds, giving the plant a cottony or silky look. Ecological Threat Imperata cylindrica is an extremely aggressive invader with the capability of invading a range of sites

About GRIN-Global Choose language Český ENG English Español Français Português System Русский العربية Jump to: Synonyms Common Names Economic Importance Distributional Range References Other Web References Image Common names. Brazilian satintail, Brazilian blady grass Imperata brasiliensis is often confused with Imperata cylindrica (L.) Räusch. Imperata brasiliensis. TYPE: Imperata arundinacea Cirillo, nom. illegit. (Lagurus cylindricus Linnaeus; Imperata cylindrica (Linnaeus) Palisot de Beauvois) ** Not applicable or data not available

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- Slowly spreads bu underground stems. Cut to ground level each spring to remove old, damaged foliage and encourage new growth. Top half of leaf has reddid Invasive Species Fact Sheet Pacific Islands Area Invasive Species Fact Sheet 02 Page 1 Pacific Islands Area , October 2011 Cogongrass (Imperata cylindrica) Scientific name & Code Botanical Name: Impertata cylindrica ICL200 Yalba: 50% shorter than the common form, gets very dense and is great at out-competing weeds. Imperata cylindrica. Common Name: Cottonwool grass. Imperata cylindrica prefers a damp spot and the underground rhizomes will ensure that the damp area is quickly covered. Important.

Imperata cylindrica (L.) P. Beauv. This plant is listed by the U.S. federal government or a state. Common names are from state and federal lists. Click on a. PIA West Invasive Species Fact Sheet Imperata cylindrica page 2 a) Dense, pure stand of Imperata b) Imperata seedhead, leaves, & rhizomes c) Imperata spikelet showing long hairs d) Imperata leaf showing offset mid-rib e) Imperata seedhead Header: National Herbarium of New South Wale common names: Cogon Grass, Blady Grass, Satintail. Imperata cogon grass leaves is named for Ferante Imperato (1550-1625), Italian apothecary and botanist, whose name derives from the Latin imperator, emperor; cylindrica is from the Greek κυλινδρος (kylindros), a roller, cylinder If you have any comments about the site or the pictures, good or bad, we'd like to hear from you. Your Email: This field is for administrative purposes only 2.5-Quart Japanese Blood Grass (L3065) 5 Ratings. 3.0 Average Common Name: Japanese Blood Grass: Botanical Name: Imperata cylindrica rubra: Growth Habit

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Scientific name Scientific name (unprocessed) Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species Subspecies Identified to rank Name match metric Lifeform Common name (processed) Species subgroups Species interaction State conservation State conservation (unprocessed) Country conservation Country conservation (unprocessed Imperata cylindrica is a component of native pastures and its grasslands cover more than 200 million ha in Asia.It is considered as a major noxious weed in more than 70 countries, and invades 35 different crops including rice, cotton, coffee, tea, oil palm, coconut and rubber plantations ()

Imperata cylindrica (L.) Raeuschel Common Name: Cogongrass Synonymy: I. cylindrica (L.) Beauv., I. brasiliensis Trinius misapplied Origin: Southeast Asia Botanical Description: Perennial grass, growing in loose or compact tufts, from stout, extensively creeping, scaly rhizomes with sharp-pointed tips. Leaf sheaths relatively short, glabrous or. Plant database entry for Japanese Blood Grass (Imperata cylindrica 'Rubra') with 11 images and 21 data details Common Name: Cogongrass, Japanese Blood Grass. Scientific Name: Imperata cylindrica . Identification: Cogongrass is an aggressive perennial grass reaching 1 to 5 feet in height. Leaves are 1 to 4 feet long and pointed. The stem is moderately stout. The flowers are silky panicles, 1 to 8 inches long appearing from February to May

Find out how to grow Imperata cylindrica 'Rubra' Japanese blood grass. Common Name: Japanese blood grass Genus: Imperata Species: cylindrica Imperata cylindrica Name Homonyms Imperata cylindrica (L.) P.Beauv. Imperata cylindrica (L.) Raeusch. Common names 띠 in language. What is GBIF? API FAQ Newsletter. North, Central, South Prohibited. Prohibited from use in Florida according to the Federal Noxious Weed List, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) 5B-64.011 Prohibited Aquatic Plants, or FDACS 5B-57.007 Noxious Weed List Family Name : Poaceae (Gramineae) Synonyms : Imperata allang, Imperata arundinacea Common Names : Lalang, cogon grass, alang-alang, blady grass, speargrass Chinese Name : 白

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Common Name: Cogongrass. Growing plant Photograph by: Mark Marathon. Growing plant Imperata cylindrica is a perennial plant that can grow up to 1.20 metres tall Discover Life's page about the biology, natural history, ecology, identification and distribution of Imperata cylindrica - Lalang -- Discover Life Imperata cylindrica (L.) P. Beauv. LALAN

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Cogongrass - Imperata cylindrica Jono Miller (New College, Sarasota, Florida): We're here at a stormwater pond in Sarasota, on the campus of New College. This campus, like virtually every other campus in the state of Florida, has a mixture of both native plants and foreign plants from other countries. ~ 'Rubra' Common Name: Blood Grass (syn. Imperata cylindrica was first described by Linnaeus in 1759 under the basionym Lagurus cylindricus. They were renamed by the French entomologist and botanist Palisot de Beauvois to the current accepted name of Imperata cylindrica. Synonyms include Common Names. Assamese. Kher/ Sonkher/ Ulu-kher/ Ulu-bon/ Khag Nomenclature and Classification > Taxon Record Name > Scientific Name. Imperata cylindrica (L. Imperata cylindrica 'Red Baron' Common Name: Japanese Blood Grass. Brilliant red foliage that retains its bright color all season - Slow to establish and may become invasive. Does not produce good red color in zones 9, 10, and 11 probably because of the year round warm temperatures. Ca

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Imperata cylindrica Red Baron 1 Tag Common Name: 1 Tag - Individual. Product Code: Plant name pictured on front with growing information on reverse. 6 x Imperata arundinacea Cirillo, Imperata arundinacea Cirillo var. africana Andersson, Imperata arundinacea Cirillo var. thunbergii Hack., Imperata cylindrica (L.) P. Imperata cylindrica (L.) P.Beauv. Dataset GBIF Backbone Taxonomy Imperata cylindrica (L.) Raeusch. Common names Blutgras in language. Japanese blood grass in Englis General information about Imperata cylindrica (IMPCY) European Union funding: For a three-year period (2018-12-11 to 2021-12-10), EPPO has been awarded an EU grant. Introduction Problems Caused Cogongrass has several common names, including japgrass, Japanese bloodgrass, Red Baron, or speargrass but its scientific name is Imperata cylindrica (L.) Beauv. (Incl. I

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FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: I. arundinacea, I. cylindrica var. major, Lagurus cylindricus. Blady grass has a latitudinal distribution between 45°N and 45°S. It can be found at elevations between sea level and 2000 m in the Himalaya and it is common in subhumid and humid grassland and open woodland Cultivars of cogongrass are sometimes sold under the common name Japanese blood grass. However, you shouldn't plant these cultivars since they can revert back to the aggressive form. UF/IFAS Site Imperata cylindrica 'Red Baron' Buy Red Baron Japanese Blood Grass online. Red Baron Japanese Blood Grass is an unusual ornamental grass, yet provides a striking element of beauty in the landscape Imperata cylindrica 'Red Baron' (Japanese blood grass) Description . The common name for this ornamental grass is Japanese blood grass. The reason for this name is because of the red coloration on the top of the leaf and the fact that the Imperata cylindrica 'Red Baron' is native to Japan Name: IMPERATA cylindrica 'Red Baron' Common name(s): Japanese Blood Grass. Height: 12-18 in. Spread: Zone: 5. Details/Description: Blades of this attractive grass are green at the base and deep blood red from mid-blade to the tip. Color gets more intense in fall. Forms small colonies

Common locations. Imperata cylindrica is found in areas where the soil has been disturbed, such as roadsides, building sites, timber harvesting areas, and borrow pits. It is able to invade both moist and dry upland pine forests A modern, dramatic deep burgundy foliaged grass with an upright clumping habit. Minimal white tassel-like flowers in Spring and Summer. Great planted along side ponds and dams or mass plant for impact. Grows approx. 50cm tall x 40cm wide. Also know as Imperata cylindrica Red Barron Common Name: Imperata rhizome, Woody grass. Source of Earliest Record: Shennong Bencao Jing. Part Used & Method for Pharmaceutical Preparations: The rhizomes are dug in spring or autumn, cleaned, dried in the sun and cut into small pieces The Plants Database includes the following 5 species of Imperata .Click below on a thumbnail map or name for species profiles